Osprey Village

Dear Customers and Friends

Osprey Village Thrift store has been in business for 6 years now. We started out as “Heart to Home” Thrift Shop; which was our way of saying your donations would lead to building the homes for our children.  Two years ago, we changed our name to “Osprey Village” Thrift Shop, to represent our mission and how far we have come.
The name change helped the store grow in business and confidence. We are striving every day to help our community by selling donated goods, furniture, clothing, pots and pans, linens etc. Our customers are very loyal.  As a matter of fact, when we closed for two weeks to update the store, our customers knocked on our door just to tell us they couldn’t wait to see what we had done!
Osprey Village Thrift Shop has been blessed to develop relationships with our customers.  We have had opportunities throughout the years to meet customers with limited incomes shopping in our store.  Often, these people are buying for those less fortunate than them.  This reminds us every day that what we do is important, not just for our mission, but for our community.  It is because of these people that Osprey Village Thrift Shop works hard to make sure our customers get the most out of their money.  We strive to make everyone feel welcome when they come into the store.  We greet them and ask them about their day.  We know some of our customers by name.  After years of seeing familiar faces, we see these people as our friends.  Because that is what makes a community. 
We are excited to bring this same friendly atmosphere to Hilton Head Island in our new location, “Osprey Village Thrift on Main”.  To us, it is a new opportunity to spread the word about a great cause and make new friends.
I feel very fortunate to have this job.  Every day is different and always rewarding.  Being in a joyful environment is good for the soul and that’s what we strive for daily.


tori kehrer signature

Tori Kehrer. Thrift Shop General Manager