Osprey Village

Activities and Events - 2016

Thanks to All Who Participated in Our
Osprey Village Community Input Forum!

We had over 50 people join us on Saturday, June 4, 2016 at the All Saints Episcopal Church Hall to hear about our progress and plans for Osprey Village. We also got a lot of good input from those who are interested in living in Osprey Village.

For those who could not participate in the Forum, we’ve made the letter from our Board President, Jerry Manuel, that we passed out at the Forum available here.

Many people also asked that the presentation made by David Green on Medicaid Waivers, DDSN and an overview of “How The System Really Works” in South Carolina be made available for download. You can download that presentation (in PDF format) here.

Whether you were at the forum or not, we have created a survey to better determine how Osprey Village can succeed in meeting the future needs of you or your loved one. You can help us and yourself by taking our survey:


The Second Annual Osprey Village "Pro-Bowl Open" was a Great Success!

Pro Bowl Event

Read the full story here from islandpacket.com

The Story Behind The Pro-Bowl Event

Each year, people in the low country enjoy the collection of experiences that make up the rites of autumn --the colorful foliage, the shifting scenes of area wildlife, the anticipation of the holiday season, and, of course, the ramping up of football and other fall sports to their traditional level of excitement. For the team at Osprey Village, Inc., those rites of the season include preparations for the annual Pro Bowl Open and the anticipation of bringing a bold and transformative dimension to a weekend of football. The Osprey team's ultimate goal line is  the  development of a cutting ¬edge neighborhood in Bluffton with a variety of resources for use by adults in our community who live with developmental disabilities.

After hosting the inaugural fundraiser last year, former Cincinnati Bengals quarterback and Pro Bowl MVP Ken Anderson will be back again as the voice of the 2016 event coming up January 31 at Station 300 in Bluffton. The Pro Bowl Open is a unique blend of entertainment¬¬¬ NFL Pro Bowl watch party, bowling night, food festival. Last year's party saw an impressive list of sponsors and a strong turnout for a first-¬time event. It was the largest and most successful fundraiser in Osprey Village's history and guests definitely brought their enthusiasm. Many arrived wearing favorite football jerseys and all contributed to an atmosphere of camaraderie.

“The mood in Station 300 last year was perfect, “ said Osprey Village board member Channing Heiss. “It was fun and upbeat. Kenny did a great job setting an optimistic tone as emcee. Our guests were having a great time as one community. It was a welcoming atmosphere with a can¬do spirit. I think it was also a step toward breaking down barriers and building understanding and In order to grow its fund raising success, Osprey Village continues to seek Pro Bowl Open sponsors. In addition to bringing back last year's sponsors, Osprey is working to gain even more support from area businesses for the upcoming event. Businesses and individuals may sponsor the Pro Bowl at a level of $500 or $1,000, with sponsors receiving a package of a reserved lane for free bowling and shoe rentals, food, drinks, and mention of their business in the event marketing and on the big screen TVs at the venue.  An evening of bowling is available for $100 and general admission tickets are $50 per guest. Osprey Village also welcomes and appreciates all donations in any amount at Pro Bowl time and year¬round.

The net profit from the Osprey Village Pro Bowl Open 2016 will go toward covering the operational expenses involved in developing the Osprey Village neighborhood and furthering the mission of empowerment that spawned it.

Sue Hall, one of our founding members who continues to serve on the Osprey Village board of directors, explains, “It's time to start thinking out of the box for the solution, with new, innovative ideas that will expand the growth of human beings who happen to have a disability.”

To learn more about the history and mission of Osprey Village, Inc., enjoy a tour of our web site that includes a timeline of Osprey Village history and details on our recent land purchase agreement for the parcel in Bluffton's Buckwalter area that will become Osprey Village.

For more information on attending or sponsoring the Pro Bowl Open 2016, click on our Pro Bowl links or call Susan Doubles at 843-298-3401 or Sue Hall at 843-816-3447.