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Full Moon Cocktail Cruise Event

May 18th, 2019 - 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Celebrate the Flowering Moon aboard the Salty Dog at South Beach Marina.

Join us for Great Food, Live Music, Cash Bar and a Contest to benefit Osprey Village, Go here for more details.


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Thank you to our sponsors and supporters of the 2019 ProBowl! It was a great success!




State Rep. Herbkersman Expresses Support for Osprey Village!


Bill HerbkersmanOur local state representative Bill Herbkersman of Bluffton gave us a pleasant surprise when he highlighted Osprey Village in his latest weekly article that appeared on the editorials and opinions page of the Bluffton Today newspaper on July 25th.

In his article he states that he is “a strong proponent of Osprey Village” and calls out “the excellent work done by my friend David Green.”

(David is one of the founders of Osprey Village and currently works as the Director of Business Development for OVI. But he’d be the first to tell you that it’s a huge team effort to keep this organization moving forward to fulfill our mission!)

Rep. Herbkersman succinctly describes OVI’s mission in two sentences:

“Osprey Village is a program that seeks to provide a residential setting for adults with various disabilities who may have skills to hold a job or do productive work.”

“Osprey Village offers safety and a certain level of oversight and assistance to foster the level of independence the residents may achieve.”

Then he further expresses his support by noting:

“You know, folks, it is financially prudent to create a space where people with some degree of disability can reach their maximum potential. The land has been secured. The plan is well along and infrastructure is in the works for late 2019.

“I ask all those with a little extra time to call Osprey Village at 843-422-6099 to see if there is a place for you to volunteer to get the village moving forward.”

You can read Rep. Herbkersman’s full article in the Bluffton Today by clicking on the link below:

Doing more to take care of each other

It’s rewarding for us to be able to work with a state legislator who really “gets it” regarding our mission and goals for Osprey Village – as well as the need for both public and private support for us to fulfill that mission.

Both Rep. Herbkersman and our local state Senator Tom Davis of Beaufort have been champions for our cause in Columbia and locally. We greatly appreciate their support!



Do You Love To Drink Coffee?

Then here's an important announcement for you: in partnership with Just Love Coffee, Osprey Village’s Porch Blend Coffee has launched! Over the course of the next year, they will be working hard to create an ongoing revenue stream for Osprey village. Click on the link below for details on how to drink a special blend of coffee and support Osprey Village.

Read more about Osprey Village's Porch Blend Coffee launch...



Osprey Village Officially has Property to Build!

Osprey Village Officially has Property to Build

63 Acre Land Donation Completed on Dec. 29th!

December 29, 2017 – Bluffton, SC

Osprey Village has officially been deeded 63.12 acres of land in the Okatie area across from Oldfield Plantation by Argent Land Holdings, LLC. This parcel is part of the 7,300-acre East Argent Planned Development District in the City of Hardeeville, which will bring up to 9,500 residential units and 1,500,000 square feet of commercial retail and office space to the area over the next 20 years.

The parcel that has been donated to Osprey Village includes about 25 acres of buildable land and the rights to develop up to 140 residential units. The rest of the property consists of wetlands that surround the parcel on the north and east sides. A draft conceptual land plan is shown below.

Osprey Village Concept Plan October 2017

Since all of the infrastructure – roadways, utilities, engineering, etc. – needed to travel to and develop this property have yet to be started, initial construction work on our property will not begin until sometime in 2019 at the earliest. More details about the property donation and Osprey Village’s development plans will be forthcoming later in January. Contact Osprey Village at (843) 422-6099 for more information.


SC ABLE Tax-Advantaged Investment Accounts Now Available for SC Citizens with Disabilities!



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We appreciate your help in making Osprey Village a reality!

The Donate button above will allow you to donate via credit card or a PayPal account.
You can also send a check payable to:
Osprey Village
PO Box 3155
Bluffton, SC 29910


Osprey Village will be a beautiful place to live for people of all walks of life with a common bond that brings them together. There will be a special connection between residents as they share in the vision of a community that meets the needs of adults with developmental disabilities


Osprey Village will be designed from the ground up to encourage healthy interaction for all people. Structurally and symbolically, a front porch represents an invitation to engage with the neighborhood on a personal level. This “good old fashioned” neighborhood experience will help encourage neighbors to look out for neighbors, heart to heart and porch to porch.


At Osprey Village we want to maximize the potential for independence of those with disabilities. Conversely, it’s the interconnection of a united community that provides the greatest opportunity for inclusion and empowerment. Together we can move forward.


Join us in support of Osprey Village as we seek to lessen the effects of disability by connecting our abilities together and improving all of our lives in the process.